Film Production

In the most elemental sense we are dreamers and rebels but it's our passion, which drives us to be like that. We are dreamers because that's what keeps us going, dreams gives a sense of purpose to life, a yearning to make life extraordinary. We are rebels because we trade in riskier and difficult paths; paths people would normally tend to avoid. Its movies that we are passionate about. When we talk about movies, first and foremost we are an audience. We are always exhilarated at that magic, which emerge in front of a screen. We like to believe in the incredible power of cinema, that it has an enormous potential to affect the lives of people.

And that's exactly why we are in the business of making them. We like to make meaningful entertainers, which touches our hearts and excite our minds. Whatever be the genre of the movies, if we are making them, quality is rest assured.

Now we are at the crossroads to emerge as major production house with several projects in the pipeline. Our journey started when we conceived 'Innovative Concepts' three years back -- a communications agency that fosters innovative thinking and originality. Entering into the incredible world of cinema was an exciting inevitability on considering the friends we made, dreams we had.

It is that…. we are turning dreams into realities.